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BRINDA Objectives

Pooling data from national and subnational representative surveys, the project has two broad objectives:

  1. Examine the relationship between inflammation and nutrition biomarkers

  2. Identify factors associated with anemia in highly prevalent groups

BRINDA Key Questions

Photo credit: Sitara (Gogi) Grewal
  1. Do we need to measure biomarkers of inflammation when assessing micronutrient status?

  2. Do we need to measure more than one inflammation biomarker (CRP and/or AGP)?

  3. What approach should be used to adjust for inflammation?

  4. Do we need to adjust for malaria in addition to inflammation?

BRINDA Key Pregnancy Questions

  1.  What are prevalences and predictors of inflammation in pregnant women?

  2.  Should iron and other micronutrient biomarkers be adjusted for inflammation in pregnant women? 

  3. What are hemoglobin thresholds to define anemia in pregnancy using a diverse population of “healthy” pregnant women?

  4. What are the primary drivers of anemia among pregnant women?  

  5. What is the role of altitude and smoking on hemoglobin values during pregnancy?

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